Eye Health technology

Optomap Retinal Exam

Eye Health technology

Optomap Retinal Exam

Did you know that the retina, the light-sensitive layer at the back of your eye, is the only place in your body where your blood vessels can be directly seen? Your eyes are a window to your overall health!  

When your doctor examines your retina during a comprehensive eye exam, they can spot signs of eye disease of which you may not be aware, but they can also see signs of other issues happening inside your body, such as heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes.   

A thorough examination of the retina is an important part of your eye exam, and at Louisiana Eye Care, we offer the Optomap retinal exam.  

What is an Optomap Retinal Exam?    

The Optomap retinal exam is a digital image of the retina produced by Optos scanning laser technology. It is the only technology that can capture 82% view of your retina at one time.    

Getting an Optomap Retinal Exam is painless and is safe for both children and adults. Nothing touches your eye at any point during the scan. To have the exam, you will be asked to look into device one eye at a time, and you’ll see a flash of light which will let you know that the image of your retina has been taken.    

The scan takes less than a second to complete, and your doctor will review the digital image of your retina with you during your comprehensive eye exam.   

What are the Benefits of an Optomap Retinal Exam?  

Getting an Optomap Retinal Exam provides a digital scan for you and your doctor to review together. The digital scan will provide confirmation that your eyes are healthy, or help your doctor detect the presence of disease, often in the early stages before you notice any symptoms.  

Optomap Retinal Exam offers your doctor a more comprehensive view of the retina than they can achieve by other means and provides the opportunity for you and your doctor to review the images of your eye together during your comprehensive eye exam. Depending on the results of your scan, Optomap Retinal Exam may even mean you can skip getting your eyes dilated during your visit.  

Your digital scan will be a permanent record for your medical file, so that your doctors at Louisiana Eye Care can track changes in your eyes over time.