contact lens prescription and proper fit

Contact Lens Exam

contact lens prescription and proper fit

Contact Lens Exam

Whether you currently wear contact lenses or would like to wear them, you will need a contact lens exam. The doctors at Louisiana Eye Care are experts at fitting patients in the right contact lenses for their visual needs and which feel comfortable every day. 


What is a Contact Lens Exam?  

During a comprehensive eye exam, we check the overall health of your eyes and your vision. If you wear contact lenses or would like to wear contact lenses, then we will specifically evaluate your eyes during the contact lens exam to determine if you are a good candidate to wear contact lenses.  

We usually conduct the contact lens exam in addition to a comprehensive eye exam because your doctor will perform special tests to determine your contact lens prescription and proper fit. If you wear contact lenses or would like to wear contact lenses, please let us know when you schedule your appointment as your contact lens exam will be conducted in addition to the comprehensive eye exam.   

One size does not fit all when it comes to contact lenses. During your contact lens exam at Louisiana Eye Care, your doctor will measure the curvature of your cornea, the front surface of your eye. This measurement will help them select the best type and size of contact for you. For instance, if you have astigmatism, then you may need to wear a special type of contact lens called a toric lens. They may also check your pupil or iris size and observe the quality of your tears with a tear film evaluation to ensure you have sufficient tears to keep the contact lenses moist and comfortable.   

Your Contact Lens Prescription  

Contact lens prescriptions are very different than eyeglass prescriptions, which is why it is important to have a contact lens exam conducted. Based on the results of your examination, your doctor at Louisiana Eye Care will provide a contact lens prescription that is right for your eyes and will meet the demands of your day-to-day life.   

A wide variety of contact lenses are available. Your doctor may give you a trial pair of contact lenses for you to wear to find those that fit your eye most comfortably on your eye and provide the clearest, most enjoyable vision experience.  

Order Contact Lenses Online

Meet MARLO: A revolutionary way to order contact lenses. Patients get the simple and convenient contact lens ordering experience they have come to expect from online retailers—offered by their eye doctor’s practice.

Specialty Contact Lenses

Specialty contact lenses are intended to treat specific vision problems or correct certain refractive errors. They can be designed to help people with unique visual needs, such as those who have keratoconus, a disease that causes the cornea (the clear window at the front of your eye) to thin and change shape. 

Contact Lens Follow-up Exam  

Depending on your history with the contact lens prescribed to you, you may be asked to come back to Louisiana Eye Care for a follow-up exam so that your doctor can check how the contact lens fits on your eye, whether you are comfortable in your contact lenses, and if your vision is clear.  

Schedule an Appointment at Louisiana Eye Care for a Contact Lens Exam   

The qualified team of eye doctors at Louisiana Eye Care in Denham Springs is here for your contact lens exam and contact lens prescription needs. Make your healthy vision a priority and contact our office to schedule your contact lens exam.   

Can I sleep in my contacts?

No, it’s not a good idea to sleep in your contact lenses. When you sleep with contact lenses, your eyes might not get enough oxygen since the lenses can block the oxygen flow to the cornea. This can make your eyes feel uncomfortable, dry, and red, and it also raises the chance of getting eye infections.

Can I use my eyeglass prescription to buy over-the-counter contact lenses?

No, eyeglass prescriptions and contact lens prescriptions are different. Contact lenses need extra measurements and details to guarantee the right fit and comfort. 

Is it safe for me to clean my contact lenses with a homemade solution?

No, you need specially formulated solutions that can effectively clean and disinfect contact lenses.