Jan 1, 2024 | Dry Eye Syndrome

How to Prevent Dry Eye in the Winter

How to Prevent Dry Eye in the Winter

Jan 1, 2024

Winter can be a magical time of year, but it can also be tough on our eyes. As the temperature drops and the air gets drier, many people suffer from dry eye syndrome. This common condition can cause a range of symptoms like dryness, redness, itching, burning, and a gritty feeling in your eyes. Luckily, there are ways to manage the symptoms and prevent them from ruining your winter fun. Here are some tips to help you keep your eyes happy and hydrated this winter.  

1. Stay hydrated 

Drinking water is essential for your overall health, but did you know that it can also prevent dry eyes? When you’re dehydrated, your body makes fewer tears, leading to dryness and discomfort. Try to drink at least eight glasses of water per day and add foods with high water content (like watermelon and cucumber) to your diet. 

2. Take breaks from screens 

During the winter, we tend to spend more time indoors, which usually means more screen time. But staring at screens for too long can strain your eyes and dry them out. To prevent this, take frequent breaks, look away from the screen, and blink regularly. You could also use a blue light filter to reduce glare and ease eye strain. 

3. Wear protective eyewear 

When it’s chilly outside, the cold wind can dry out your eyes. To protect them, try wearing wraparound sunglasses or even goggles. If you use a fan or space heater at home, make sure to point it away from your face to avoid drying out your eyes. 

4. Use a humidifier 

One of the most effective ways to prevent dry eye in the winter is to use a humidifier. It adds moisture to the air, keeping your eyes hydrated. Place a humidifier in your bedroom while you sleep, and let it run all night. This will prevent your eyes from getting dry and itchy in the morning. 

5. See an eye doctor 

If you experience dry eye symptoms that just won’t go away, it’s important to seek professional care. At Louisiana Eye Care in Denham Springs, we offer a wide range of dry eye relief products and services to help manage your symptoms. Our team of experts can diagnose the root cause of your dry eyes and recommend the best treatment, like OptiLight by Lumenis, to help you find long-lasting relief.  

Winter can be challenging for people dealing with dry eye syndrome, but don’t worry! By following these tips and scheduling regular eye exams, you can relieve discomfort and improve your eye health.  

If you’re struggling with severe or chronic dry eye, our experienced eye doctors in Denham Springs, LA can help. We specialize in diagnosing and treating dry eye and offer dry eye products to help keep your eyes comfortable and healthy. Take our dry eye syndrome survey to find out if you have dry eye and contact us to schedule an appointment to learn how you can manage your symptoms and find relief. Stay warm, stay hydrated, and keep your eyes healthy! 

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